James 2:8-13 | Dr. Stephen Conley

June 15, 2020 Preacher: Pastor Stephen Series: James: A Faith That Works

Topic: Christ, Faith, Faithfulness, Favoritism Scripture: James 2:8–13

James 2:8-13 | A Faith That Loves Others

  1. Love Others According to God’s Royal Law (vs. 8-11)
  • This is the law of God’s Kingdom, and we are called to walk in His ways as His subjects.
  • Favoritism violates God’s Law. When we sin, we offend the whole law because we are refusing to submit to the Law-Giver, God Himself.
  1. Love Others Under God’s Law of Liberty (vs. 12)
  • Favoritism will be judged by God
  • Precepts become promises in Christ, who sets us free to obey Him
  1. Love Others in Light of God’s Mercy (vs. 13)

·         Favoritism shows an unmerciful spirit

·         Our merciful attitudes and actions prove the presence of Christ’s mercy within us.

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