James 5:7-9 | Dr. Stephen Conley

September 6, 2020 Preacher: Pastor Stephen Series: James: A Faith That Works

Topic: Second Coming, Faith Scripture: James 5:7–9

Faith and Waiting For the Lord’s Return

James 5:7-9

Wait for the Lord’s Return with Steadfast Endurance (vs. 7-8)

  • Waiting on the Lord produces the fruit of endurance
  • Waiting on the Lord strengthens your heart to stand firm

Wait For the Lord’s Return Without Grumbling (vs. 9)

  • Do not fret and grumble about this current age
  • God is coming and He will set everything right

Wait For the Lord’s Return With Unshakable Hope  (Isaiah 25:8-9; Romans 8:18-25)

  • The hope we have in waiting for the Lord’s return is grounded in His eternal promises
  • The glory we will experience with the Lord in heaven outweighs all suffering in this life.

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