The Gospel of Mark: An Overview | Dr. Stephen Conley

January 31, 2021 Preacher: Pastor Stephen Series: The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Jesus

The Author of Mark’s Gospel

  • The human author of this Gospel is John Mark. This was validated by several early church fathers, including Papias in 120 A.D.
  • He served with the Apostle Paul and became a useful servant of Christ. He was also a protégé of the Apostle Peter and drew his Gospel account primarily from him.

The Audience of Mark’s Gospel

  • The Gospel of Mark was most likely written between A.D. 60-70, during the reign of Roman Emperor Nero.
  • The Gospel of Mark was written to Gentile Christians in Rome who were enduring persecution for their faith and identity in Christ.

The Arrangement of Mark’s Gospel

  • The Gospel of Mark can be divided up into two parts: The Identity of Jesus and the Mission of Jesus.
  • The Gospel of Mark points us to Christ’s authority and service

The Aim of Mark’s Gospel

  • The ultimate purpose and theme of Mark is to present and defend Jesus’ call to discipleship.
  • As disciples of Christ, we are called into a relationship with Christ that compels us to follow Him and be shaped by Him. 

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