Jesus Rules Over Satan | Dr. Stephen Conley

June 13, 2021 Preacher: Pastor Stephen Series: The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Spiritual Warfare Scripture: Mark 5:1–20

Text:  Mark 5:1-20

1. The Destructive Work of Satan Described (5:1-7)

  • The demoniac is described as a man in pursuit of ruthless and restless evil that destroys others and himself.

2. The Authoritative Work of Jesus Demonstrated (5:8-15)

  • The demoniac is subdued and saved by the powerful authority of Jesus.

3. The Transforming Work of Jesus Rejected (5:16-17)

  • The townspeople respond to Jesus’ authority and power with fear and dismissal.

4. The Kingdom Work of Jesus Declared (5:18-20)

  • The demoniac becomes a proclaimer of the Gospel work that Jesus had done for him.

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