Two Ways to Live | Dr. Stephen Conley

July 6, 2021 Preacher: Pastor Stephen Series: Psalms

Topic: God's will Scripture: Psalm 1

Text: Psalm 1

The Fruitful Way of Life (1:1-3)

  • The Characteristics of the Godly:
    • The Godly are satisfied in God and find nothing of value in partnering with the ungodly.
    • The Godly delight in God’s Word and enjoy a fruitful life of spiritual prosperity
    • The Blessed Man in Psalm 1 finds its fulfillment in Jesus.

The Disastrous Way of Death (1:4-6)

  • The Characteristics of the Ungodly
    • The ungodly live fleeting lives based on the vanity of their approach to life.
    • The ungodly are condemned by God and will face an inescapable doom apart from Christ.

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