Living in a Temporal World Under An Eternal God | Dr. Stephen Conley

August 15, 2021 Preacher: Pastor Stephen Series: Psalms

Topic: Wisdom Scripture: Psalm 90

Text:  Psalm 90

The Eternal Existence of God (90:1-2)

  • God will never cease to be a refuge for His people.
  • God will never cease to be God.

The Fleeting Existence of Man (90:3-11)

  • Man’s existence on earth is marked by brevity and fragility.
  • Man’s existence on earth is summed up in toil and trouble.

The Illuminating Wisdom and Satisfying Love of God (90:12-17)

  • We will gain a heart of wisdom when we number our days according to God’s eternal perspective and weigh them on God’s eternal scales.
  • In the end, our greatest need is not more time on earth, but to be satisfied alone with God’s unfailing love.

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