The Angels' Song of Glory and Peace

December 19, 2021 Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: Songs of Advent

Topic: Advent Scripture: Luke 2:8–14

Text:  Luke 2:8-14


The Scope of the Gospel Story (2:8-10)

  • God kept His promise to His people in condescending to the lowest of towns and to the lowest of people for the purpose of redemption (Isaiah 61:1; Micah 5:2-5).
  • The Gospel is the good news of great joy for all people who believe it (John 15:1-11; Romans 15:8-13).


The Savior of the Gospel Story (2:11-12)

  • The Gospel comes to all people through the Savior, Christ the Lord
  • “Savior” refers to Jesus, the One who will save us and forgive us from our sins.
  • “Christ” refers to the One who is the Anointed King and promised Messiah.
  • “Lord” refers to the One who is Yahweh or Jehovah. 


The Summit of the Gospel Story (2:13-14)

  • The culmination of the Gospel is the glory of God and peace with God in Christ.
  • True peace comes from God and from His good pleasure to reconcile Himself to sinful man through the Gospel.


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