Simeon and Anna's Song of Salvation

December 26, 2021 Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: Songs of Advent

Topic: Advent Scripture: Luke 2:25–38

Text:  Luke 2:25-38


The Savior’s Arrival Anticipated (2:25-26, 36-37)

  • Simeon, a godly man in Jerusalem, watched and waited with anticipation and hope for the Messiah to come in his lifetime. He took God at His Word!
  • Anna, an aged widow and prophetess, looked daily for the redemption God had promised. She fasted and prayed with confidence in God’s ability to deliver His people! 


The Savior’s Work Articulated (2:27-35, 38)

  • In Simeon’s song, salvation is articulated in the person of Jesus Christ. 
    • He is the Savior who is the light and revelation to the Gentiles and the glory to the Jews. 
    • He will cause many to rise and fall as He reveals people’s hearts.
    • He will bring salvation that comes with a cost.


  • In Anna’s song, heart-felt gratitude overflows to God for keeping His promise to redeem His people.


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