Jesus Defines True Greatness

February 20, 2022 Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Humility Scripture: Mark 9:30–41

Text: Mark 9:30-41


The Standard of True Humility Modeled and Misunderstood (9:30-32)

  • Jesus predicts His death and resurrection a second time.
  • The disciples misunderstand and reject Jesus’ statement.
  • Jesus displays the ultimate model of humility as He carries out His mission (see also Philippians 2:5-11).


The Scale of True Greatness Measured and Illustrated (9:33-37)

  • The disciples measure greatness by being first and ruler of all
  • Jesus measures greatness by being last and servant of all
  • Jesus illustrates greatness through child-like weakness and dependence


The Scope of True Ministry Miscalculated and Undervalued (9:38-41)

  • The disciples thought that the scope of Gospel ministry was limited to their location and experience. 
  • Jesus taught that the scope of Gospel ministry extends to all who do mighty works in His name.
  • Jesus clarified that these “mighty works” include the smallest acts of service.

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