The God of Salvation

July 31, 2022 Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: Psalms

Topic: Salvation Scripture: Psalm 40:1–17

Text: Psalm 40


The Savior’s Work Demonstrated (40:1-4)

  • The testimony of God’s deliverance is seen in His rescuing grace
  • The outcome of God’s deliverance is seen in heart transformation


The Savior’s Character Proclaimed (40:5-11)

  • God’s unparalleled faithfulness and unfaltering love deserve unending worship and unswerving devotion to Him.


The Savior’s Work Completed (40:12-17)

  • God’s saving work is sufficient for our sin.
  • God’s enemies will be put to shame.
  • God’s saving work garners praise from and gives hope to needy sinners.

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