The God of Refuge

August 7, 2022 Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: Psalms

Topic: Faithfulness Scripture: Psalm 46:1–11

Text:  Psalm 46


Our Omnipresent God is Strong Through it All (46:1-3)

  • Because God is our strength, we do not need to be given over to fear.
  • Because God is our salvation, we will be kept through eternity.


Our Omnipresent God is Sovereign Over All (46:4-7)

  • God’s eternal plan cannot be changed.
  • God’s continual presence is our fortress.


Our Omnipresent God is Supreme Above All (46:8-11)

  • God is supreme above all other powers.
  • God must be worshipped as the one true God.
  • God’s continual presence is our fortress.


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