June 23, 2024

The Endless Pursuit of Satisfaction

Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: Ecclesiastes Topic: Satisfaction in God Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:1–26

Text: Ecclesiastes 2

The Emptiness of Worldly Pleasure (2:1-3)

  • The pursuit of pleasure apart from God may lead to momentary happiness, but ends in permanent emptiness.

The Futility of Worldly Achievement (2:4-11)

  • The pursuit of finding life’s meaning in worldly achievement may take you to the top, but it will ultimately end in gaining nothing.

The Limitations of Worldly Wisdom (2:12-17)

  • The pursuit of intellectualism may lead to acquiring knowledge, but the wise and fool all come to the same end in death.

The Satisfaction of God-centered Living (2:18-26)

  • All accomplishments and achievements without God at the center lead to emptiness and frustration
  • Satisfaction in life is found in the hand of God, who gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy.

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