Jesus, the All-Satisfying Shepherd

October 3, 2021 Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: The Gospel of Mark

Topic: Provision Scripture: Mark 6:30–44

Text:  Mark 6:30-44


The Shepherd’s Care for Souls (Mark 6:30-32)

  • Jesus debriefs the disciples after their mission.
  • Jesus invites the disciples to rest after their mission.


The Shepherd’s Compassion for Souls (Mark 6:33-34)

  • Jesus saw the crowd as sheep without a shepherd (see Numbers 27:17; Isaiah 40:11)
  • Jesus gave the crowd the Gospel teaching they needed to direct their hearts to God.


The Shepherd’s Provision for Souls (Mark 6:35-44)

  • Jesus provided the crowd with food for their stomachs; in Him, they would find satisfaction for their souls.
  • Jesus provided the disciples with a lesson of dependance upon and trust in His sufficiency.


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