November 12, 2023

Practicing Gospel Unity in the Church

Preacher: Stephen Conley Series: Titus: Doctrine and Devotion Topic: Unity Scripture: Titus 3:9–11

Text: Titus 3:9-11

Pursue Gospel Unity by Avoiding Divisive Behavior (3:9)

  • We are called to keep the Gospel central, not give ourselves to unprofitable disputes that oppose the Gospel.

Preserve Gospel Unity By Confronting Divisive People (3:10-11)

  • We must guard our Gospel unity by not tolerating those who stir up division within the church.

The Application of Gospel Unity

  • Preserving Gospel unity will promote a healthy Gospel culture within the church. If we don’t, divisiveness will spread.
  • Practicing Gospel unity will proclaim the Gospel message to the world. If we don’t, our mission will be hindered.

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